DR. BELTER Bio Classica Gentle Night Care - Normal Skin 50ml

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The Bio-Classica line occupies a central position in the DR.BELTER Professional Care Concept. Bio-Classica products are designed for the active woman seeking personalized and effective skin care that is sensuous and luxurious. The formulas counteract aging skin and maintain skin metabolism. Precious bio-regulators support the skin’s function, protects the skin from environmental damage while re-balancing skin chemistry. Pure silk, natural activators and advanced technology work together to deliver beauty and luxury. The formulations now include hyaluronic acid, a humectant to restore the skin natural hydration levels. As we age, there is a reduction in the skin's elasticity and firmness as the first lines and wrinkles appear. This is a prompt to move on to more enriched and individual skin care. Particular attention must be paid to tailoring care to support the skin's vital functions, strengthening resistance and thereby safeguarding our youthful radiance. The Bio-Classica care range was developed precisely to focus on such needs. Night time is for skin relaxation and recovery. Gentle Night Care mobilizes the natural skin powers, helps to rebalance the burdens of the day and to regenerate essential skin functions. Valuable vitalizing essences optimize night-time relaxation. The skin awakes smooth, rested and fit for a beautiful new day.  Essential Ingredients: photo-aging repair complex, soothing complex, coenzyme Q 10, immuno-modulator (Shii-take), vitamins A, C, E, F, H, B-group, phytohormones from irises, yeast extract, silk proteins, olive-squalene