DECLEOR HYDRA FLORAL 24H Hydrating Rich Cream 50ml

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Inspired by the incredible powers of flowers, DECLÉOR Laboratories have combined moistureboosting and multi-protection active ingredients in a rich and luscious cream. And for increased comfort, this Cream is enriched with Rosehip Plant Oil.
1/ 24hr hydration
- helps to draw water by encouraging hyaluronic acid* synthesis to plump up the skin (Wild Pansy Extract),
- improves the circulation of water by increasing the synthesis of aquaporins*, real cell irrigation channels, for optimal hydration (Wild Pansy Extract),
- encourages water binding on the surface of the skin to prevent dehydration (Samphire Extract).
2/ 24hr multi-protection
- protects against pollution* and free radicals* (Moringa Oleifera Microproteins and Sunflower Extract),
- prevents internal imbalances of the epidermis.

Result: Like a flower, the skin is infused with water. It is perfectly hydrated and nourished. Ideally protected, its beauty is maintained.

Ingredients: Rosehip Plant Oil, Wild Pansy Extract, Samphire Extract, Moringa Oleifera Microproteins and Sunflower Extract

How to use: Apply in the morning to a cleansed face and neck after AROMESSENCETM NÉROLI.