COSMECOLOGY Vital Face Cream 50ml

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Vital Skin  **Shipping within Canada only**

Vital Skin brings youth and vitality to the skin: - Fights against the first signs of ageing - Diminishes the number and the depth of wrinkles - Smoothes the skin The skin is visibly firmer and softer.

Rich in Vitamin C and trace elements, the Pomegranate Extract visibly revitalises the skin. The skin texture is smooth, the cutaneous barrier regenerates, thanks to fatty acids contents in the Rose Hip Oil. Ederline, apple-derived, stimulates collagen synthesis and boosts skin firmness.

1. Apply morning and evening to the face and neck. 2. The rich and smooth cream texture allows for comfortable application and rapid absorption, without leaving an oily residue over the skin's surface. Day after day, the skin is smooth and radiant.

After 1 month of application : -21.3 % average decrease in wrinkle depth. -22.6 % average decrease in area showing wrinkles. -29 % average decrease in skin roughness. +25.5 % average increase in firmness. +32.8 % average increase in elasticity