CHARME D'ORIENT Foutha 100% Cotton Sahara Sand 180x90cm

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This traditional pareo is used to wrap around the body and lie down in the hot Hammam rooms.
The weave of our foutah runs on both sides, otherwise said, both sides are usable and soft enough. Our twisted fringe is more desirable because it withstands more wash without fraying or becoming tangled.
Made in France

Widely used in the Maghreb as an attire or as towels in Hammams and also in Turkish baths.
It is mentioned as Turkish bath Towels in the Western Europe.
Very thin in relation to our normal towel but absorbent.
Comes in patterns and stripes.
Ideal for just covering your body in Hammam or in warm climates or to be used as a towel.
Protects from hot summer sun while keeping you cool.
This pareo is delivered in a transparent plastic bag.