CAMILLEN 60 Peeling Cream 100ml

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For all skin types.

Fine granules help remove dead skin cells, leaves skin clean and smooth. Massage gently into skin to stimulate blood circulation; refreshes the skin and gives it the optimal receptiveness for the subsequent application of other skin care products (e.g. Camillen 60 Leg Balsam, Camillen 60 Body Lotion). Leaves the skin smooth and supple.

  • skin is cleansed thoroughly and gently
  • removes dead cells of the upper skin layer with micro beads. The skin appearance is improved and the skin surface feels smooth and velvety soft
  • blood circulation is stimulated and the skin looks fresh and rosy
  • contains anti-inflammatory active substances
  • emergence of impurities is prevented
  • a scrub renders the skin more susceptible to cosmetic care active substances
  • scrub can be applied to whole body

Usage: Fine abrasive granules of ground apricot kernels gently and thoroughly remove dead skin cells. The skin is cleaned and smoothed. A gentle massage promotes blood circulation, revitalises and increases the absorption capacity for care products used afterwards.