CAMILLEN 60 Leg Balm 100ml (Tired Feet & Legs)

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Enlivens and nourishes tired legs and feet especially after severe strain.

A balanced complex of horse-chestnut extract and important vitamins together with the proven constituents of the camomile promote the skin’s natural regeneration process. A gentle massage with Camillen 60 Leg Balm is relaxing, strengthens the tissues and stimulates local blood flow. Particularly recommended for aching legs (standing and sitting throughout the day at work, insufficient movement). Apply regularly to prevent dehydrated skin, skin irritation and impurities. Camillen 60 Leg Balm makes skin soft and supple, gives it a well cared for, natural appearance.

  • enlivens and nourishes tired legs and feet especially after severe strain (daily standing and sitting due to work, little movement)
  • gentle massage provides relaxation, strengthens tissue, supports local blood circulation
  • soothes skin
  • prevents inflammation
  • supplies skin with moisture and protects against dehydration
  • Skin becomes soft and smooth and has a well-groomed, natural appearance

Usage: Apply daily from ankle to knee with gentle, circulating motions.