CAILYN Pro Makeup Palette with Spatula

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Mix and blend makeup to produce own personal color!

CAILYN Pro Makeup Palette Set is a professional mixing palette and spatula for blending any types of makeup products. The dual ended metal spatula allow easy and convenient removal of cosmetics from tubes, jars, and bottles without worry of cross contamination. Mix multiple cosmetic products on palette to create new personalized hue. Convenient finger hole with rubber backing provides comfort and support of use.



Place appropriate amount of cosmetic product of choice on CAILYN Pro Makeup Palette using metal spatula. Blend Cosmetics to create new personalized hue.



Clean the palette and knife after each use for sanitation. Using tissue or cotton wipe dampened with CAILYN Pure Ease Brush Cleaner, wipe off remaining cosmetic products before washing the palette with warm water and soap