CAILYN Gel Glider Eyeliner Pencil - 6 Colours

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The best of both worlds! Creamy, highly pigmented gel eyeliner in a pencil form.

CAILYN Gel Glider Pencils offer the color intensity and the lasting power of gel eyeliners as well as the convenience and easy use of pencils. The richly pigmented eyeliner glide on smoothly, effortlessly providing rich, bold color. Draw a simple line with a pop of color or create a bold, artistic design with multiple vibrant colors! Available in 6 different colors: Black, Chocolate, Blue, Green, Purple, Charcoal



Gently pull your eyelid to the side and slightly up using your index finger. Draw a line starting at the inner corner of the upper eyelid working toward the outer corner, thickening the line as you go. Fill in the gap between lashes if desired. Adjust the thickness as desired.



Amp up the color intensity with CAILYN Mineral Eye Shadows. Don't let your sharp look go dull! Use CAILYN Pencil Sharpener to keep Gel Gliders' point perfect and crisp at all times.