BIOLINE PhytoStaminal Lilac Gem Perfecting Serum 8ml

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Highly concentrated serum, formulated to fight different skin impurities (pimples, limited redness and all imperfections caused by acne).
It restores comfort and well-being to the complexion, which appears more even-toned, with smaller pores, more uniform skin grain and reduced imperfections.

Plant stem cells, obtained from lilac buds (Syringa Vulgaris)

In case of localised imperfections of the face (pimples, impurities) --> It is recommended to immediately apply the serum to the area concerned by the imperfection as soon as it appears. Repeat the applications even several times a day, for at least 4/5 days in a row.
In case of diffused face imperfections (diffused impurities, sebaceous hypersecretion, imperfections caused by acne, etc. ) --> Apply the serum to the entire face. Repeat the applications even several times a day, until the imperfection is reduced.
After applying the serum, it is recommended to use specific products depending on the skin typ