BEAUTE ACTIVE (+) Energy C Fluid Ampoules 2ml

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Product benefits:

Energy C is an intensive, active substance concentrate for the stimulation of facial skin. Hyperpigmentations or age spots are reduced, the skin is protected against further damages.

Target group

Energy C is suitable for stressed, tired or hyperpigmented skin. The best for a fresh feeling in the morning!

Active Ingredients:

 Butylene Glycol: moisturizing and moisture retaining.

 Glycerin: sugar alcohol, Humectant.

 Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate: salt of ascorbic acid. Vitamin C stimulates the connective tissue´s metabolism and the production of collagen. The collagen degradation is inhibited at the same time. Existing damages of the connective tissue are regenerated and healed. In addition it acts as an antioxidant and inhibits melanin production within the skin.

 Pentylene Glycol: dihydric alcohol, moisturizing at high concentration.

 Sodium Hyaluronate: short chain and long chain hyaluronic acid, skin´s own substance, which is highly moisturizing and moisture retaining. Smoothing and firming effect.

Effects and Characteristics

 Stimulation of the connective tissue´s metabolism

 Stimulation of the production of collagen

 Inhibition of collagen degradation

 Regeneration and healing of connective tissue damage (sun, stress, nicotine…)

 Antioxidant and inhibition of melanin synthesis


Carefully break the ampoule with a tissue, give the contents into the hands and distribute it gently with light pressure onto face, neck and décolleté line. Then apply the usual day or night care.