BEAUTE ACTIVE (+) Apple Stem Cell Ampoules 2ml

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Product benefits:

Apple Stem Cell is an intensive, active substance concentrate for skin rejuvenation. Skin stem cells are awakened, strengthened and protect. Short chain and long chain hyaluronic acid ensure the visible smoothing and firming effect.

Target group

Apple Stem Cell is suitable for mature skin and for skin in need of regeneration. The apple stem cells awaken the skin cells back to life, for a youthful appearance even in old age.

Active Ingredients:

 Butylene Glycol: moisturizing and moisture retaining.

 Glycerin: sugar alcohol, Humectant.

 Malus Domestica [Apple] Fruit Cell Culture Extract: Apple stem cells of the apple variety called “Uttwiller Spätlauber“. They are durable without to appear unsightly. The vitality of skin´s own stem cells is permanently increased. Wrinkles are reduced and the skin looks more youthful and fresher.

 Sodium Hyaluronate: short chain and long chain hyaluronic acid, skin´s own substance, which is highly moisturizing and moisture retaining. Smoothing and firming effect.

 Sodium Levulinate: organic acid, from fructose, supports the perfume.

Effects and Characteristics:

 Moisturizing and moisture retaining

 Vitalizes the body´s own skin stem cells

 Smoothing and firming effect


Carefully break the ampoule with a tissue, give the contents into the hands and distribute it gently with light pressure onto face, neck and décolleté line. Then apply the usual day or night care.