ALISSI BRONTE ULTRA-LIFTING Firming Lift Cream 50ml + GIFT 20ml

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This dense moisturizing formula reaffirms and tones the skin immediately for a long lasting result.


The nature of its components guarantees great results: Elderberry, with its excellent emollient and diuretic properties, along with the Birch extract, activates circulation, facilitating good cellular breathing and correct oxygenation. Helps smoothing fine lines leaving a soft skin. It stimulates the production of collagen and reinforces the skin, strengthening and giving it a radiant look and lifting effect.



1. Fluidity to the intercellular liquids so they can work against the forces of gravity

2. A tightening and lifting effect

3. An overnight reparation of the skin as it nourishes the cells and eliminates toxins

4. A perfume that emits a positive feeling elaborated with magnolia, jasmine, gardenia and neroli flower scents