ALISSI BRONTE OZONO PEEL Enzymatic Peeling 210ml

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Enzymatic Peeling. A new product concept developed by Alissi Bronte  bringing an authentic revolution into the cosmetic field because of its results and for the way it is used.

It is the step number one for all skin treatments. Its formula and action are incredibly innovative in comparison to other products dedicated to the exfoliation of the skin.


1.  It has an important Keratolytic effect , so it softens the pimple pores, making the extraction easier

2.  It dissolves skin’s residues and dead cells stimulating cellular renovation.

3.  It has a double soothing effect.


Its soothing ingredients produce a relaxing and refreshing sensation, and, for this reason, the extraction does not need the use of vapor or other type of machine and it is less painful.

-Its application does not need massage either, so it does not provoke irritation in sensitive skins and does not extend the infection on impure skins.


  • Apply a thick layer on face, neck and neckline with the help of a brush or spatula.
  • Leave to act for 20 minutes and wash off with a sponge and lots of water.
  • Let it dry and proceed to the extraction.

Precaution: We recommend that you don’t expose the product to direct sunlight or sources of heat in order to preserve the enzyme activity.