ALISSI BRONTE ONE-STEP Cleanser & Tonic 400ml

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A unique product in a single step to cleanse the skin in an instant, toning and neutralizing  environmental contamination damaging effects: never before has a make-up remover reached this level to simplify life this way and give incomparable splendor to your skin. The reason lies in a formula that mixes truly innovative cleansing, detoxifying and revitalizing actives. Apply and discover its exceptional beautifying action. It is greatly effective when removing the most intensive make-up. ONE-STEP contains ultrafine oils that spread perfectly reaching every cutaneous space, removing impurities and all kind of make-up, even the more intense. Your skin will be clear. Detoxifies the skin providing an incomparable glare. ONE-STEP eliminates contaminant particles that adhere to the skin surface , detoxifying and neutralizing the damaging environmental effects. Your skin recovers its original characteristics and radiance, as if  living in a pure and healthy environment. It tones and revitalizes the skin to offer a greater beauty. ONE-STEP also contains orange extract, a nutritional substance obtained from the plant during an immediate distillation process that saves all the original properties. Leaves the skin fresh, toned, and revitalized: a supplementary action to achieve greater radiance and beauty.