ALISSI BRONTE GOLD WRAP Gold 24K & Pearls Envelope 10pcs x 30g

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Anti-aging effect, providing  firmness, luminosity and nourishing the skin. It also revitalizes and reinforces the skin protective barrier . It stimulates micro-blood circulation and micro-cellular circulation. Our organism is exposed every day to around 10.000 ionizing radiations from the environment ; pollution, ionizing devices, stress, fatigue, all of them contribute to harm and alter cellular DNA through free radicals.

Gold Wrap for face and body with 24K gold catches  free electrons of the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)  detoxifying and slowing down cellular deterioration process in the skin. After one treatment with Gold Wrap, skin restores immediately, improves its tone, texture and firmness.

It is recommended to use once per week as a purifying, rejuvenating and anti-stress therapy.