ALISSI BRONTE DIAMOND PEEL Dermabrasion Peeling 75g + 20% FREE

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Polishing dead cells off the skin surface is one of the most essential treatments against anti-aging. Exfoliation smoothes wrinkles and the surface of the skin, stimulates circulation and cleans the pores.

This new micro-dermoabrassion cream, DIAMOND PEEL, is inspired dermatological microcrystals technique, notoriusly improving the appearance of the skin.

What is it? Its a mechanical peeling with natural gemstone particles, which results in a more profound and less aggressive treatment. This polishing technique, revives, repairs and rejuvenates the skin through a non-invasive method noticing changes since the first session.

Advantages? DIAMOND PEEL can access hard to reach areas such as  neck, nose and lip contours. It has no side effects and the patient recovers immediately.

What can be treated with DIAMOND PEEL? 

Striae, spots, deep scars, acne skin,  facial ageing, open pores, acne scars, abnormal pigmentation, damaged by the sun skin, fine lines and small wrinkles.



As an agent of skin comfort, hydrates, soothes and provides elasticity to the skin. Renews and thins surface layers. Mitigates small wrinkles by stimulating collagen production.

Standarizes skin pH  (microbial defense).

Renovated, clarified and improved, skin regains an immediate freshness dazzling purity and smoothness that stands out. Face recovers and skin is renewed.