ALISSI BRONTE BEAUTY GOLD Concentrated Anti-age Serum 10pcs x 2ml (Pre-order)

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Concentrated Tightening and Illuminating Serum with Gold. Exclusive serum with gold and hematite that instantly gives radiance. The skin decongests and hydrates, to gives the face a fresh and natural tone.



Immediate Effects:

Enhances the radiance of the skin upon APPLICATION, with Beauty Gold you will instantly brighten.
The skin decongests and hydrates, and gives itself a fresh and natural tone.
Effects of the Treatment:

The skin recovers its vitality and hydration levels.
The skin self-regenerates, resulting in a lifting effect.
The skin is able to protect itself better from ambiental factors.
The skin recovers its ability to fight against ageing, not to mention eliminating effectively the free radicals the kill cells and produce ageing.


Apply the serum with a soft massage over a perfectly clean face and body.