MEDIHEAL X BTS Sepcial Collaboration Box-Moisture Barrier Care

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This special package includes:
  • Mediheal D:NA Proatin Mask EX (5 sheets)
  • Mediheal Teatree Care Solution Essential mask EX ( 5 sheets)
  • BTS Group Photocard Album- Our Story(Ver.1) (14 photoes, 2 photos of each member)
D:NA Proatin Mask EX: Anti-aging cosmetic, Dermatologically tested, Skin nourishing, moisture barrier;
Teatree Care Solution Essential mask EX- Skin soothing, Sebum Control, use natural cotton sheet, made of Bemlise fabric rewards the skin with a snug and silky, natural fit.
PT-Cell Sheet: The eco-friendly, PT-Cell cellulose, D:NA Proatin Mask promotes long-lasting hydration by naturally fitting onto the skin.
Clear Fit Sheet: The moisturizing formula gently tightens the facial line while the enhanced " Clear Fit" design turns the gel-like, transparent sheet solid white for adequate U-Zone.