VAGHEGGI POSITIVITY LIMITED EDITION Age Care System - Face Cream/Face Filler/Face Oil

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MAGIC KIT consists of:

Radiant Face Cream, containing rhubarbaric, hyaluronic acid and beta-glucane which give skin freshness and smoothness while coconut oil and Shea butter enriched formula give brightness and provides intensive nutrition. 

Size : 50ml

Filler serum , containing hyaluronic acid of diverse molecular weight, beta-glucane and rhubarbaric acid that give the skin a global filler and anti-aging effect. Fresh and silky drops, like the dew, that you will delicately tap onto the face and the decollete, morning and night, before applying the face cream, targeting facial expression lines.

Size : 10ml

Antioxidant facial oil is rich in vitamins and oil from cranberries, with strong antioxidant properties . Light and nourishing texture provides perfect protection along with cream even from the adverse effects of cold winter weather . The innovative ball facilitates application in sufficient quantity. Apply the oil under the face cream and the skin will be well protected and ready to face any type of harsh weather conditions

Size : 10ml