PAYOT PÂTE GRISE Spéciale 5 Drying Gel 15ml

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The drying gel

Spéciale 5 has also been updated to become Spéciale 5 drying gel. 

In addition to the Pâte Grise stop pimple original paste, this purifying and soothing local gel helps spots to disappear in 5 days. Spéciale 5 drying gel is made from 96% ingredients of natural origin. This day and night care is enriched with centella asiatica, an active ingredient known for its regenerating and healing actions, and helps to eliminate residual marks on the skin.

The balance of the cutaneous flora is restored and the appearance of imperfections is reduced.

You will love its light gel texture which creates an occlusive film around the spot to protect it and make it easier to disappear. 

Residual and persistent marks are reduced: 91%* 

Refines skin texture: 91%* 

Skin is more beautiful: 91%* 


*Use test carried out on 22 volunteers. Applied once a day for 28 days. % of volunteers who noticed the effect. 

Lactobacillus Lysate probiotic


Glycolic & lactic acid


Specific active ingredient: Centella Asiatica

Apply locally to dry spots, day and night

Tested under dermatological control.

Non comedogenic