DOMINANCE Crystal Lightening Mask 50ml

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CRYSTAL MASK CREAM LIGHTENING Cream Mask Calming and Softening BISABOLOL APRICOT OIL CENTELLA ASIATICA Lightening, Vitalising, Anti-Radical LEMON EXTRACT EXTRACT OF VINE LEAF Specially formulated for delicate skins and presenting with imperfections of pigment, this mask contains extracts of fruit rich in lactic acid, glycolic and citric that promote exfoliation and cellular regeneration. The complexion is fresher and brighter Enriched with chamomile and apricot oil, this mask will be well tolerated even by reactive skin. Apply once a week on cleansed face and neck. Leave on for 8 to 10 minutes avoiding the eye area, then massage gently with the fingertips; rinse with clear water and dry skin