Thalgo Deeply Nourishing Mask - 50ml
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Thalgo Deeply Nourishing Mask


Thalgo Deeply Nourishing Mask repairs and soothes all feelings of discomfort of dry and sensitive skin. With this extremely comforting, soothing texture, skin feels intensely nourished; feelings of tightness and itchiness are reduced, and roughness and flakiness are less visible. Sweet and comforting scent, allergen free.


Active Ingredients:

- Cold Cream Marine contains Algae Oil (replenishes), Algae Wax (soothes), and Sève Bleu from the Oceans (repairs)

- Micro-encapsulated borage oil – infuses essential fatty acids (Omega-6) drop by drop into the skin.

Apply in fine layer, leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse.

Size: 50ml

  • Item #: VT15009
  • Manufacturer: THALGO
  • Condition: New

Thalgo Deeply Nourishing Mask - 50ml

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