Payot Lait Demaquillant Fraicheur (Cleansing Milk) - 1000ML
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Lait Démaquillant Fraîcheur

Silky cleansing milk with cranberry extracts

Spread cleansing milk all over face, neck and décolleté.

PAYOT advice:Remove with a cotton pad.

Main active ingredients

  • Cranberry extracts: Stimulate and act as anti-oxidant. Protect and improve skin tone.

  • Jojoba oil : Protects against dry skin.

  • Bioecolia : Regulates and restores balance to skin flora.

  • Smithsonite extract : Tones and revitalises the skin.

Size: 1000ML

  • PAYOT:
  • Item #: P-65074192
  • Manufacturer: PAYOT
  • Condition: New

Payot Lait Demaquillant Fraicheur (Cleansing Milk) - 1000ML

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