Mary Cohr Brightening Body Concentrate - 200ml
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Mary Cohr Brightening Body Concentrate

Highly concentrated Body Spray with Melanoxyl® reduce the production of melanin and brighten the complexion.  Easy application by the formulation as a spray.  The lightweight, non-greasy texture allows quick retraction of the active ingredients without any residue. The double skin care function has a balancing and moisturizing in one step.


Key Ingredients:

Melanoxyl® - Affects the melanocytes, thus reducing the production of melanin which is caused inter alia by UV radiation.

Vitamin C brightens the complexion.

Hydrosmose® Complex Provides skin with the necessary moisture

If necessary, spray on the back, decollete, arms, hands and legs.

Size: 200ml

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  • Manufacturer: MARY COHR
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Mary Cohr Brightening Body Concentrate - 200ml

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