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MASTERS COLORS Perfect Touch Instant Concealer
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Perfect Touch Instant Concealer

PERFECT TOUCH conceales localised imperfections, visibly blends the signs of ageing, evens and illuminate the complexion. His universal luminous shade suits to all skin tones.
His creamy high coverage formula extends the beneficial action of anti-ageing care and do not dehydrated skin thanks to Shea Butter formula.
It is the instant perfect touch!

Beauty Technique

1. Apply PERFECT TOUCH before your powder directly to imperfections, signs of fatigue and signs of ageing.
2. Gently pat in with fingertips.

Additional Tip

For an ultra-natural finish, apply FINE COMPACT POWDER or FINE LOOSE POWDER over Perfect Touch.

Tips from the Pro

To add luminosity to eyes: Apply PERFECT TOUCH to the upper eyelid, brow bone and inner corner of the eye to extend the hold and radiance of eyeshadow.

Care Active Ingredients

-Vitamin E: Anti-free radical, anti-oxidant and moisturising action.
-Shea Butter: Nourishing, softening and soothing action.



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MASTERS COLORS Perfect Touch Instant Concealer

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