La Rochelle Pure Collagen Whitening Mask - 1 Pc
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La Rochelle Pure Collagen Whitening Mask

It is the professional using product in beauty salon.  In order to made best results on beauty treatment.  Please follow by La Rochelle suggestion progress.  Our product mainly sings depigment cells, making it fair, and translucent.  Removing blackheads and prevents pigmentation, anti-aging and wrinkle for a firmer skin.  Aids in acne & scar treatment for solve the problem skin.

Using Direction:

Make off and clean up the face.  Apply the Mask waiting for 15-20 minutes and remove the mask.  Apply the La Rochelle daily care product after the treatment.

Special Treatment Suggestion:

Apply the Mask everything on first 28 days treatment.  Then, use twice a week after completed the first treatment.

Size: 40ml


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  • Manufacturer: La Rochelle
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La Rochelle Pure Collagen Whitening Mask - 1 Pc

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